Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bring on the flying nannies!

Eithad Airways has introduced a new 'Flying Nannies' service -- attendants who are trained specifically on helping families in the air.  Their role, which extends beyond normal in-flight service, includes entertaining children in their seat on flights (by giving out toys and crafts), helping with feeding, and giving parents a much needed break by taking little ones for a a chaperoned stroll around the aircraft.  Not only do they help out with boarding and disembarking, they also can provide food and activity kits to entertain children during onward flights and information on childcare facilities at destination airports.
After flying with our munchkin on numerous occasions and seeing the mixed support that many airlines offer (more detailed blog entries on these experiences to follow), this initiative is a welcome one, not only for families but also -- I can guarantee -- for fellow passengers!